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Flag Day is in June. Will you be prepared to fly Old Glory? Flag Day arrives and you discover your friends have flags flying though you do not. You question exactly why you did not obtain a telescoping flagpole for the home lawn or maybe a deluxe flagpole on your porch. Well, that is the reason I am providing you with a head start this season. Early on I want to encourage you to pop over to UltimateFlags as well to easily narrow down your choices at the comfort of your home.

Flag Etiquette

The flag is generally flown during the daytime. It’s hoisted briskly in the early morning and slower in a reverent way in the evening. The flag must be thoroughly folded at the conclusion of the day. You will be directed by a government agency to fly your flag at half staff members when someone dies.

Pull the flag to the pinnacle of the pole before turning down it with the half staff position. Also, do the same once you retire the flag later in the day. Folding the flag is simple. Fold the flag laterally Staying away from the covering of the area of pink with the stripes. Now fold it exactly the same way once again still exposing the area of blue.

Beginning at the stripe end, make a triangular fold. Now repeat this until you have folded up through the area of blue and also to the conclusion of the flag. When your flag is tattered and old, get it to a hometown Boy Scout troop.

Ask them to burn the flag in their regular ceremony. You might attend the ceremony in case you like. During the lifetime of the flag, it ought to haven’t hit the ground.

American Flag History

Two Americans are recognized in connection with the flag. It is Betsy Ross. Nobody knows for certain she made the very first American flag. The myth was produced long after her passing. Nevertheless, she made a number of flags in colonial America. I pointed out in an earlier post which the National Anthem was set to music utilizing a well used English drinking song known as the To Anacreon in Heaven.

Ground mounts for flagpoles must be securely anchored based on the directions that are included with the flagpole. A sack or 2 of ready mix concrete is generally enough for a 20-foot telescoping flagpole. I suggest a telescoping flagpole since it takes absolutely no ropes or maybe lanyards which can tangle in the wind, etc.

Deck or maybe dock mounts ought to be properly bolted towards the deck or even dock following the directions that are included with all those mounts. Although a ground mount generally includes a flagpole, dock and deck mounts are additional.

Plenty of people love to showcase their flag at sporting events, flea markets, and when camping. A wheel mount is great for this particular. You drive your automobile or maybe trailer tire over the controls mount and you have an anchored mount on your flag. You might see a carrying case useful to move your flagpole to the event.

Telescoping flag poles usually will support the American Flag along with the 2nd flag of your decision, like a condition or maybe a school flag. Wall-mounted flags tend to be of the 6-foot pole types that are included with a flag. Mounting the flagpole to an exterior wall is simple and easy. Just be sure you follow directions. Do not buy a cheap flagpole kit at your neighborhood store. Get a camera which will last.