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When it comes to the issue of what is order picking; it often becomes very important to know the concept in a broader context. As literally, it states, the literal definition of the word order picking actually refers to the process which involves retrieving goods from the storeroom to meet a specific order.

Now, this may sound simple enough, and perhaps even self-explanatory but when you break it down to its purest form, order picking can actually be quite a complicated task that can take months before it can finally be completed.

In fact, some businesses only hire order pickers in order to ensure that everything that they need is available on the day in question. This is something which cannot be said for smaller companies.

Therefore, if you are a small business owner who needs to deal with the issues of what is order picking; then you are most definitely going to have quite a bit of work in front of you. Order picking in the retail industry is oftentimes done by employing various strategies which include utilizing shelving and storing zones. For more valuable guidelines on making order picking smoother for your business, jump to the provided link.

It is also commonly known by the term zone boarding as well. In essence, these two concepts are used to help with managing the space more efficiently.

Basically, this means that not only are customers stored in specific zones within the store but the zoning board as well, which are often referred to as a shelf in the store is also used to keep things in order and away from customers.

Order picking is also known to involve different types of storage spaces that are used to handle customer orders at a given zone. These include storage containers, clear plastic bins, pallets, stackable shelves, and so on.

It is very important to take note that in order for an order taker to fully understand what is order picking; he or she must first understand how the whole supply chain works and how it affects the company as a whole.

It is through understanding how the entire chain functions that an order taker can then come up with a strategy for order fulfillment. There is another method that is often brought up regarding this matter of what is order picking, and that is batch picking.

Batch picking is often talked about in terms of a particular method that is used when receiving a large number of orders for a particular product. For instance, if a company receives 100 orders for a particular item, batch picking can be used in order for the company to organize the orders accordingly.

How then is batch picking done? In a nutshell, batch picking is done by utilizing large boxes in which products would be stacked. After putting in all the required information and paperwork regarding the order, the picker would then place these items on the top of the boxes.

This is a very labor-intensive process, which is mostly used in large warehouses that need to arrange products in the proper stacking order. The fact that it is labor-intensive does not mean however that it is also a very time-consuming method of order picking. Another form of picking is put-to-light.

Put-to-light simply means that the picker will first light up the container in which the goods have been placed. Once the container is lighted, the work is to begin. During the process of putting in the goods, the worker who is working in the darkness will be working on filling in gaps and small areas.

It is during this stage where the worker is at his most important, as he can be the most productive. Lastly, pallet picking is yet another method that is used by many of today’s businesses. Pallet picking is done by using forklifts which are capable of lifting heavy pallets.

After the pallet has been lifted, the worker will then use the forklift to stack the pallets into a proper stacking order. To be able to ensure that the business runs smoothly, it is vital that order pickers and put-to-light employees work in unison.

The methods mentioned above are used because they are cost-effective and efficient. They cut back on labor costs while still allowing the business to run efficiently.

The fact that they are time-consuming also means that companies will be able to remain profitable even with a small staff. If you want to cut down your warehouse operating costs, then these are the best order pickers and put-to-light techniques for your company.