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If you have carpets at home, chances are you know how to use the common methods used by carpet cleaners. While some of these still work, others have been improved over the years. Read on to learn about the best methods used by professional cleaners for steam cleaning and hot water extraction.

Hot water extraction: This is one of the oldest methods used by carpet cleaners. In it, the water is heated in a bathtub with natural cleaning agent until it reaches a boiling point. The resulting solution is then pumped into the carpet affected by stains and dirt. For more on this, please pop over to Carpet Cleaning Scottsdale AZ and their website.

This solution helps remove soil, grease, and other contaminants that are stuck in the pile as well as removing excess water from the carpet. Steam cleaners use water and heat to penetrate deeply into the carpet pile to loosen soil, debris, and other contaminants. This process is considered the best for removing dirt, dust, and stains.

It works especially well for tough stains caused by mud, grease, and pet stains. The heat sterilizes the carpet fibers, allowing them to be cleaned without causing any damages. It also removes fungi, molds, and other organic materials that may have accumulated deep within the carpet fibers.

This is another common method used by professionals. In this method, a dry foam pad (or a vacuum cleaner) is sprayed with a cleaning solution. As the pad moves over the carpet, the solution expands into the pile, loosening soil and dirt as it goes deeper. After several passes, the solution leaves the floor covering thoroughly cleaned.

A brush machine is used to clean carpets using rotary pliers, rotating brushes, and a power scrubbing head. The rotary pliers are used to lift and dislodge soil particles, while the brushes help loosen dirt. The power-scrubbing head works by scrubbing stubborn stains.

The process can be complete in less than 15 minutes. Professional cleaning usually makes use of this method several times. All methods used by professional carpet cleaning experts use drying time as the most important factor. The length of drying time depends on the type of material that needs to be cleaned.

For example, a dry powder carpet requires a longer drying time because it is more fragile than water-based carpets. On the other hand, natural fibers like silk can withstand a long drying time. Vacuum extractors or absorbent pads are used to collect the excess water and soil from the carpet. The dirt is then transferred to a collection container.

After several hours, the container is washed and dried using a washing machine. This is a much slower process, but it allows you to retain the valuable fibers and prevents them from getting damaged. Bonnets are a specialized type of vacuum cleaner that is often attached to a truck.

The machine has a brush attachment with an absorbent pad. The pad can get dirty, so it must be replaced several times during the cleaning process. Professional carpet cleaners often use bonnets to clean difficult-to-reach areas, such as those around furniture.

Steam carpet cleaning methods used by professional cleaners contain high temperatures. High temperatures help dislodge dirt and sanitize the carpets. However, this method also dries out the carpets. High-heat steam vacuums can be difficult for inexperienced users. They can damage the carpet, not to mention wasting a lot of time and money.

Using a vacuum truck and hot water extraction method requires a lot of work. Professional carpet cleaners use a truck fitted with a high-pressure hot-water nozzle that sprays warm, heated water onto the carpets. This method uses strong vacuums and powerful air compressors.

Dry extraction cleaning is another common method used by professional carpet cleaners. It’s less expensive than steam cleaning and it’s considered gentler on carpets. In dry extraction cleaning, the carpet cleaner sucks up the dirty water and dry dirt particles from the carpet using a wet vacuum.

The carpet cleaner then extracts water and dirt using a dry vacuum truck. Dry extraction methods don’t damage carpets. Carpet cleaners using chemical methods have become more popular over the years. Most cleaners today have added disinfectant or degreaser in their products.

This helps reduce allergens, grease, and dirt in carpets that could potentially trigger asthma attacks in individuals suffering from allergies. However, many people suffer allergic reactions to the chemicals used by dry chemical carpet cleaning service providers. Some homeowners have been advised to use other methods available in the market.