Security is the one thing that people are after, the security to provide for you and your family, and while a stable job allows you to do that, there are limits to what you can normally achieve. You might think that by working hard you will reach the echelons of great CEO’s and Presidents of corporations, and though that is a possibility, remember that there are many of you who aims for that, and only one chair of that title. I am not saying that it is impossible, but it is a very difficult goal, and the only way you can achieve it by continuing your education, not just through courses and school but continuing to learn through your experiences in life and work. This is the true key to success, acknowledging that you do not know everything and allowing yourself to learn more.

Additional Schooling

The simplest way to better your education is through getting a degree.  I would imagine most of the readers to have finished college, so I will concentrate more on the next step, a Master’s Degree. When it comes to climbing the corporate ladder, a master’s degree can be quite advantageous, if you truly aim to reach the top it would be best for you to have the highest level of university education you can attain. This will separate you from the others, and put you in a whole other league, where you will face people who have the same credentials as you or more. While not necessarily a requirement, as I have met CEO’s and Presidents of companies that only have a bachelor’s degree (the company – Columbus Electricians is good example), this will fast track your ascension in the corporate ladder.


Learning Through Life

If you do not have the means to get additional schooling, it would be best for you to learn from your superiors and your experiences. Though not the usual method this is a more effective way to reach success, although maybe not in the way of climbing the corporate ladder.

When it all comes to it, real success is not by building other people’s dream but building yours. If you truly want to be a captain of industry, you will need to learn to be your own boss and a leader. The company you work in right now was started by someone who refused to be merely a cog in somebody else’s machine. They knew that in order to truly succeed they needed to learn from their employers and not just work for them. That you are there not only to make money but to be educated on how to build something for yourself.

When working you should not just mind your own business, you should do your work properly, while at the same time observe the inner workings of the company. Know how it is structured and how you can apply such a structure to your dreams. Only then can you truly become a man of your own, a captain of industry, and educated man.